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Alan Keartland is a semi-retired professional photographer with nearly sixty years of experience. At present he spends a great deal of his time working on his second career – that of the priest at Manche Masemola Parish on Alexandra's East Bank in Johannesburg. While serving God's people has certainly become his prime focus, Alan's passion for photography remains strong.

During Alan's career as a full-time professional he built up a reputation as one of the finest exponents of car photography, producing excellent work for manufacturers like Volkswagen and General Motors. This included both location and studio photography. During his later years in the business he was involved in producing work for glossy magazines and advertising inserts.

One of Alan's hobbies is capturing people on film (and latterly on memory stick), and throughout his career he has taken time off from putting bread on the table for him and his family to indulge himself in this pursuit.

There are links below to some of Alan's recent assignments. You may purchase prints from Alan by following the links indicated.

Ordination Photographs January 2013

90th Anniversary Celebrations June 2012

Ordination Photographs January 2012

Ordination Photographs January 2011

Ordination Photographs January 2010

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